How it works

Book a free consultation with our medically trained Specialist Advisors.

Get in touch today. They’ll take time to understand your unique circumstances and what matters most to you.

We identify the most suitable Doctor for your needs

We use our extensive research database to identify the package of care and individuals to deliver it who will best meet your needs.
Whether you have a recurring or underlying health condition or you are struggling to find a specific treatment, we have a global network of trusted Doctors ready to jump in and help you.
A UK-based General Practitioner (GP) part of our Network will complement the initial assessment and we will provide you with a range of suitable options in the UK or abroad.


You decide which option is best for you and we connect you to the doctor

On your instruction, we engage with the chosen Doctor on your behalf and introduce you to the clinic leaving you with the peace of mind of being in the best available hands.